BLAU-WEISS (40% Vol.) Carnauba wax for BMW

Dhs. 245.00
  • Our unparalleled know-how, for your beloved BMW
  • Especially formulated for optimal results on BMW’s proprietary paint systems
  • Effectively conceals existing micro-scratches and its generous carnauba content guarantees long-lasting shine and protection

Blau-Weiss Wax for BMW paint systems.

Our premium wax contains 40% by volume, pure ivory and yellow Grade-One Carnauba wax from Northern Brazil. Specifically developed to match the requirements of the paint systems used on BMW's. Rendering them less sensitive to micro-scratches.

The care interval for a daily used car is 6 months and is therefore recommended a minimum of 2 applications per year. The 50ml size is capable of 4 to 6 applications and the 200ml size is capable of 10 to 20 applications depending on the size of vehicle.