Porsche Legends by René Staud

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Legends of motorsport: Porsche racing cars in flashlights

You might think that Porsche and motorsport have always belonged together. In fact, it was initially private individuals who were successful on the race track with their 356s. The Porsche 550 Spyder was the first factory racing car in the 1950s and enjoyed great success right from the start! 

Star photographer René Staud has created a monument to the high-speed icons from Zuffenhausen. His illustrated book is an ultimate best of Porsche racing cars:
  • Porsche Motor Racing: The greatest racing legends from Zuffenhausen 
  • Large format Porsche illustrated book with 200 spectacular photos 
  • The ideal gift for Porsche fans and racing enthusiasts 
  • All racing cars were perfectly staged by star photographer René Staud 
  • With background information and technical data for the individual Porsche models
René Staud and Porsche - a dream team of automotive photography

Motorsport not only offered Porsche an opportunity to test progressive technology that could be transferred to road cars, it was also an ideal marketing instrument with a high level of appeal. If you look back at models like the Porsche 917, the 904 and the 956, they created series winners with a reputation for success and true legends of the race track. 

René Staud's Porsche pictures are equally legendary. As one of the best and most famous automobile photographers in the world, he has captured top-class sports cars in an incomparably direct way. Beyond the noise and dirt of the racetrack, the Porsche models unfold their very own magic and reveal not only the hard development work that goes into each of them, but also the timelessness of functional design! 

240 pages | Format 29 x 29 cm I bilingual (D | E)